7 Figure Painter Program

The fastest way to launch, grow, and scale a painting company.

The first hybrid program developed specifically for painting companies. Get the leads you need to grow, and learn how to use them to scale your company.

You want to grow your painting company

Whether you're just starting out, or are already doing a few million a year, our program can meet you where you're at.

You're going to need leads. Lots of leads.

Whether you're just starting, or are trying to scale, our lead machine can deliver.

What it involves...
Average Revenue Added in 60 Days
Projects added per month
Setup Your Lead Machine

You're also going to need guidance.

This is where we break away from the 'Agency' archetype.
We don't just generate tons of leads. We show you how to close them.
With expert guidance from coaches who are currently doing 7+ figures in their own businesses.

We will cover...
76+ Hrs
of video instruction
1 on 1 meetings every month
Weekly group coaching calls
Get Step By Step Instructions

"Does It Work?"

Ransom Digital as a team, company, and partner are amazing to work with.  The team seems to understand the market, the strategy, and the people like me they work with.  As a company they give nothing less than their absolute best information, best solutions, and best effort to help my company achieve our goals.  When leads come in based on content and strategies we built together.. There is no better feeling that people are buying the brand we are building.  Thank you Jacob and everyone at Ransom who puts their best efforts into being great partners!

Matthew Stanford

Owner, Greater Area Painting

We’ve worked with Ransom Digital for over 3 years now and we have only had a positive experience. Jacob and his company are phenomenal. They’ve helped our company go from $200k to $1million in sales. Cannot thank them enough or brag on them enough. The knowledge they possess and the expertise they have in their field is astounding. We’ve grown so much and learned so many things working with them. There are so many things we could say but we will simply say that they are the best of the best! Thank you Ransom Digital.

Matthew Johnson

Owner, Swift Painting

Ransom Digital is unbelievable. Completely changed my life and my business like no other. I have used a few marketing channels in the past and I can assure you...NOTHING COMPARES. The service and quality that Jacob and his staff offer is unbeatable. Due to the ability to spend 1 on 1 time with them my business has literally grown 6x in 3 months. Not only did I get amazing leads generated but I also got trained on how to manage and handle all of this unprecedented growth in my business. Honestly...There is so much I could say and will say about them but ill cut it short here because I'm sure no one wants to read an essay! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AT RANSOM DIGITAL FOR REVOLUTIONIZING MY LIFE!

Shawn Kelleher

Owner, Honest Brothers Painting

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